Aquabotix announces the launch of HydroView Pro SLE


HydroView Pro SLE is the intelligent solution for security and law enforcement applications, including victim or target locations and port, pier and hull inspection.

FALL RIVER, MA – October 9, 2014 Aquabotix, a marine technology company delivering the accessibility of today’s consumer electronics products to the complex world of underwater ROVs, today announced the immediate availability of its HydroView Pro SLE.  Designed specifically for missions of security and law enforcement, the HydroView Pro SLE is a configuration upgrade of Aquabotix’s successful HydroView Professional Series.

Affordable and easy-to-use, the HydroView ROV carries an onboard HD video camera and is controlled by intuitive iPad or laptop driving applications. Building upon its predecessor’s proven platform, the HydroView Pro SLE configuration includes:

  • Seven Swiss Made High Torque Motors: 4 Thrusters and 3 Hovering/Pitch
  • Sensor package including depth, temperature and orientation (compass). Additional available sensors: nitrate, 360 degree search sonar, and USBL positioning
  • 1080 p True HD Quality Camera with Continuous Focus and Tilt
  • 100 m of Neutrally Buoyant Cable
  • Wireless Hand Controller
  • Depth rating of 100 m
  • 128 GB Solid State Memory Drive for 17 hours of 1080p recording
  • 2 Pounds of payload capacity for customer specific applications
  • High Intensity LED lighting

HydroView Pro SLE series is the choice mini ROV to meet the varied demands of security and law enforcement applications, including observation and recovery tasks. Controlled wirelessly with an iPad or any laptop, the HydroView Pro records full 1080p HD video and still images, while users navigate intuitively without any formal training. All media is viewed in real time and can be recorded onboard to document findings (no separate recording devices required) with date and time stamps.

“We developed the HydroView Pro SLE to address the needs of our security and law enforcement customers.  It combines the finest features of HydroView Pro with the additional features most requested by first responders,” said Durval Tavares, President & CEO, “The HydroView Pro SLE offers the advantages of affordability, portability and quick and easy deployment. The Pro is compact, intuitive to drive, offers robust options and is built with state of the art technology.”

HydroView Pro SLE pricing starts at $22,000 and is currently available for order from Aquabotix resellers or through the Aquabotix website. For more information, to locate your nearest dealer or to purchase, please visit:

About Aquabotix

Aquabotix Technology Corporation, located in southern New England, is a privately-funded developer of consumer and commercial products for underwater observation and exploration endeavoring to change the way people interact with the underwater world. Aquabotix’s flagship offerings, the HydroView remote operated submersible vehicle and the AquaLens underwater viewing system, employ the latest technology to enable users to comfortably inspect beneath the water’s surface from the safety topside.

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Dam Inspections

HydroView Pro 5MWI inspects a Dam in Massachusetts

HydroView Pro 5MWI inspects a Dam in Massachusetts

A recent opinion article in Water Power & Dam Construction highlighted the importance of Dam Inspections. Read the entire piece here:

Some of the comments from author, Rodney W. Eisenbraun, include:

  • The American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) 2013 Report Card grades the overall condition and performance of US dams a lowly D - largely due to the increasing number of dams added to the high hazard potential list each year.
  • Currently, the average age of the 84,000 dams in the country is 52 years old.
  • Dam inspections are a vital, affordable step in awareness that could help owners avoid mishaps or prevent disaster.
  • A dam safety inspection is the first step in preventative maintenance. Remember, just because you aren’t aware of a problem, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist and more importantly the lack of awareness doesn’t remove you from responsibility and the possible consequences.

Aquabotix believes in the importance of preventative inspections. About a month ago, the Aquabotix HydroView Pro was used as part of a dam inspection. Visit our You Tube page to take a look at some clips from the inspection:

Accessories Available for the HydroView Professional Series

The HydroView Professional Series platform is strengthened by the variety of accessories available.

Currently available:

  • Manipulator Arm/Grabber

This grabber provides HydroView Pro with the ability to retrieve objects, remove obstacles, deploy lines and maintain position.

  • User Control Workstation

Workstation includes CPU, controller, programming and waterproof case.

  • Game Style Controller

The game style controller is the most intuitive way to control the HydroView Pro.

  • External Camera

The external camera is mounted to the body of the HydroView Pro and is manually positionable to change the pan/tilt of the camera.

  • High Intensity External Lighting

800 lumens of external lighting that can be mounted externally on the HydroView Pro. Provides better video and photos in dark conditions.

  • MPE 400 Sensor

This probe continuously measures: actual and specific conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, density, dissolved oxygen, ORP, pH, temperature, water level and pressure.

  • MPE 9500 Sensor

This probe continuously measures: actual and specific conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, density, dissolved oxygen, ORP, pH, temperature, water level, water pressure, ammonium (NH4+),  chloride (Cl-), nitrate (NO-) and turbidity.

  • Compact Imaging/Scanning Sonar

This sonar has set new standards in compact sonar technology. It is the smallest digital CHIRP sonar in the world. CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution compares with conventional sonars. Features include: continuous and sector scanning modes, acoustic zoom, instant reversal, image measurement and inverted head operations.

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New Video: HydroView Pro 5M Performs a Tank Inspection

The HydroView Pro 5M for Water Inspection was recently used to assist in a potable water tank inspection. The 1.7 million gallon concrete tank was located in Massachusetts. This video has a variety of video clips taken during the rov inspection process. Check out the video on YouTube:

HydroView Pro 5M ready to perform a concrete tank inspection

HydroView Pro 5M ready to perform a concrete tank inspection

HydroView Pro 5M for Water Inspection – the Perfect Solution for Potable Water Professionals

The water industry has a variety of professionals who find the HydroView ROV a great solution to their underwater inspection needs. Inspectors use the ROV to perform inspections, while municipal operators use it to triage issues with their tanks or dams.

Key Features of the Pro 5M for Water Inspection

  • 5 motors: Three of those motors are mounted vertically and control the hovering of the vehicle. This means that the vehicle can maintain position and move vertically to easily perform inspections of the inside of tanks.
  • Optimal viewing inside dark tanks: The Pro 5M for Water has 800 lumens of LED lights that illuminate the tank. It is also built with a 1080 p HD video camera that has a wide angle lens allowing the operator the best view of the tank possible. Because of the high quality of the video, it can be zoomed during editing to highlight trouble spots.
  • Onboard power and recording: The HydroView is built with a battery and full computer board inside the vehicle. This means that there is less equipment required at the job site.

How the Pro 5M for Water Inspection is different from competitors

  • Backwards Compatibility: Only Aquabotix guarantees that our Pro series ROVs will be backwards compatible for new options that will be released within that product line. No need to purchase an entirely new system to get the latest functionality.
  • Ease of Use: Our iPad and laptop applications make the HydroView the most intuitive ROV on the market to drive – especially when using the new “game style” controller. There is no formal training required. Also the entire system can fit in a backpack. This means the inspector only has to climb the tank once – driving the HydroView from the top of the tank. Many of our competitors need an entire van setup to drive their ROV.

HydroView Pro Controller

  • Digital System: The HydroView Pro 5M is an entirely digital system. This means that all video and images are recorded on the onboard SD card. This data is easily downloaded to your iPad or laptop for editing and reporting. The high quality of the images (1080 p HD) allows the inspector to zoom in on trouble areas during editing to highlight problems in their report.
  • Affordability: Plain and simple, the HydroView Pro 5M for Water Inspection offers the most functional package at the best price point.

Options Available for the Pro 5M for Water Inspection

  • Integration with the CYGNUS NDT for determining metal thickness in tanks.
  • User control workstation that includes a high performance laptop and wireless controller in a high strength waterproof case.
  • Second camera that is externally mounted with manual pan/tilt control.
  • Continuous power option for endless power supply.
  • Brushes built on the front of the vehicle to be used in analysis of the rust on the inside of tanks.

Why divers should love ROVs

Some divers may worry that ROVs will reduce their opportunities for work but ROVs can be a diver’s best ally.

According to OSHA, “Commercial diving… workers are exposed to the same hazards anyone would if they spent extended periods of time underwater, such as drowning, respiratory and circulatory problems, and hypothermia. The number of dives, length of time spent underwater, lack of visibility, and the strenuous nature of the task increase the risk of this type of activity.”

ROVs have a real impact on the amount of risk divers undertake. ROVs can assess underwater conditions and hazards. They perform important visual inspections with onboard video cameras, even when visibility is limited. And they perform these tasks BEFORE the diver gets wet.

Employers are responsible for taking hazards such as current, bottom conditions and water temperature into account when planning and executing operations. ROVs can be used to perform all of these tasks without putting a diver at risk. They are a reconnaissance tool and should be routine part of every underwater operation.

Even recreational divers can benefit from the use of ROVs. Aquabotix customers use the HydroView as “scout” before dives. Confirming the best location for a dive and previewing the sights from top-side enhance the recreational diving experience and efficiency.

Efficiency, preliminary exploration and safety.  ROVs are the diver’s ally.

New Video: Bridge Piling Inspection

The HydroView Pro 5M was recently used to assist in a bridge piling inspection in New Jersey. The 5M is the perfect HydroView for this application because the 5 motors allow for exact vertical control of the vehicle inside the piling hole. This video has a variety of video clips taken during the rov inspection process. Check out the video on YouTube:

To view another video filmed with the HydroView Pro 5M, check out footage recorded in Woods Hole, MA during our visit to the Zephyr Foundation: